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Benedetta Chittò was born in Brescia in 1997.

She lives in a small village near Fondmetal with her family and her beloved dog Illa.


In 2016 she graduated from the Higher Institute of Marketing, where she studied English, German and Spanish: languages ​​are her greatest passion!


After a brief experience as data - entry in Chiari hospital, she looks for a job that would allow her to increase her knowledge in foreign languages, in the commercial and marketing fields.


From November 2016 she became a member of Percia's Team, where she deals with clients in the European market, and back office activities.


Benedetta loves travel, swim and wear make-up and she is discovering her passion for the world of sales every day.

Benedetta's photos

Benedetta with OFF ROAD model WI30

spare wheel

Christmas 2019

Benedetta portrait

Benedetta portrait

Benedetta turns 18!

With her dog Illa

Benedetta with her mother Anna

Sister's Graduation day

With Marta and Damiano
Our new Team's post it

During the meeting for goods control

Benedetta and the quality manager Gianbattista testing a wheel

With Marta and Paolo
Celebrating Happy Easter!
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