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The PERCIA'S TEAM was born in 2013 and carries the name of his founder,
Percia, the nickname of Perciaccante Fabrizio.
The Team has a mission: take care of Research and Development of the product, deal with international marketing, sales and, of course, a full and extraordinary customer service.
With a high touch of humanity and a care of personal relationships, the Percia’s Team helps the customer to create his own range of accessory, to improve his supplies flexibility and to buy high quality products at the best conditions of the market. 
On the other hand, the Percia’s Team helps the best Italian Alloy Wheel manufacturer to supply its products to the most prestigious  customers of the market without any territorial limit.
Since 2003 (for 10 years) the Percia’s Team has sold more than 2.000.000 aftermarket wheels in Europe, Japan and USA.
The current members of the Percia’s Team are well known for their professionalism, their friendliness, their helping attitude and their sense of humor: these basic features that change the way you live your working days and the way you produce result



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