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Fabrizio Perciaccante was born in Bologna in 1965.
After a considerable technical experience as car mechanic and a Degree in Business Administration, in 1992 he started his activity in the Alloy Wheel business at Tecnoforming S.p.A.
During the same year, the first alloy wheels produced by this small Company were exhibited at Frankfurt Motor Show and Fabrizio started his sales experience. With careful selection and long business trips, he created a developed sales network in Europe, Japan and USA.
Always driven by his passion for  the Sales, the Mechanics and the Wheels, Fabrizio cooperated in the development of Special Forged wheels, the "2 pieces" wheels and welding assembly technology in order to supply Car Manufacturers, the most important Tuners, the most popular Designers and special cars for VIPs. 
Fabrizio created the  "24h Service" to obtain the trust and the loyalty of his Customers. This service guarantees a complete assistance to the client 24/7.
In 2008 Fabrizio decided to concentrate his sales activity to a special market niche. So he left Tecnoforming in order to cooperate exclusively with an Italian Company, Fondmetal S.p.A. in Bergamo. Here Fabrizio started from scratch and created his working team, the Percia`s Team, which is the topic of this website. 
The Percia's Team was founded to give the right value to Human Relations, within the Team, among the colleagues and in particular with the Customers. In fact the Percia`s Team is based on the conviction that we have to be known as good people, in order to gain the trust of the clients.

Fabrizio's photos

New cars, no spare wheel

new Skoda 2021

the Custemer first


Percia's Team APE

Fabrizio driving his Maggiolino

Younger Fabrizio

Fabrizio and his wife Alessandra

Fabrizio's dog: Red

Fabrizio's car

Fabrizio The Salesman

With his family

Fabrizio and the Perciamobile

Grand Canyon 1987

Fabrizio and his trialbike

Water skiing on the Garda Lake

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